Congratulations to the following bowlers who have achieved new personal bests in this year’s event

Jason Lowe-Pates Norwich Falcons Game 158, Series 442
Ethan Smith Airport Game 178
Henry Stanton Birmingham Cobras Game 55
Stanley Anstie MH 900 YBC Series 212
Tom Barnes Taunton Game 165
Rhiannon Sowden Eastbourne Game 159
Rebecca Thorpe Madison Heights Game 136 Series 284
George Carris Ashby YBC Game 164 Game 202
Joseph Pain Madison Heights Game 257 Series 560
Ed Harding Tolworth Game 145 Series 413
Nicolas Petercik Cliftonville YBC Series 495
Scarlett Anstie MH900 Game 151 Series 325
Jake Savage-Watson Ashby YBC Series 480
Ernie Herrett Cliftonville YBC Series 468
Henry Hinchliffe MH900 Game 196
Stanley Anstie MH900 Series 252
Lily-Mai Snelling MH900 Game 159 Game 161
Nicolas Petercik Cliftonville YBC 5 strikes in a row
Grace Hinchliffe MH900 Series 363
Finley Upton-Dack Cliftonville Spared 7/10 split